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This has never been available in this way before and in moments from now you will have instant access to the entire film series so you may begin your own sacred journey with this work.

This collection of easily downloadable films ( takes approx 15 minutes to reach you!) is an amazing series of talks that were conducted by  Malaysian Master Dhyan Vimal during his first visit to the West. This is a rare opportunity to watch and assimilate ancient wisdom, delivered in a unique and accessable way!
The theme of the 7 talks  is THE SACRED WORK and all connect and enable many shifts to occur.

"'With the birth of the knowledge of Mastery in you,
the courage to live it arises, when the courage to
live arises, personal transformation unfolds. With
personal transformation all is good, all is well. One
succeeds in living.'"
Dhyan Vimal

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The Sacred Work is simply an action undertaking a challenge to rise to oneself to the best one can be. Realizing and recognizing the best in oneself is the only way the world can heal. It is not only a journey to live a fulfilled life, but also to be a conduit to fulfill existence and fulfill what one can be. You can immerse yourself in the teachings or go at your own pace at applying them on your day to day life. The SACRED WORK is inspired by the 4 DISCIPLINES, which are the original teachings of  Master Dhyan Vimal, and make up the grounding for the SCHOOL OF MASTERY (www.Schoolofmastery.com)) Master Dhyan Vimal came to these through years of studying the wisdom of the East and also by backtracking his own personal journey to enlightenment.


The Royal Knowledge teaches one how to master ones own internal reality and reach the 'state of rightness'. When one reaches ones rightness, both the internal and external realities come into alignment and one lives a fulfilled life. It is through the fulfilled life of the individual that humanity itself can be fulfilled and this is what is meant by the Sacred Work.

The work here is to find the sacred nature, which is the infinite. This is entered by you transcending the limitation that is placed on you, as you or as the 'I". This is the 'law of magic' or the 'quantum law'. It is a method to enter your pure power and energy and learn how to channel it to that which you choose to manifest.

Discipline Three - THE BELOVED
This is the discipline of transformation. It's the discipline of transcendence. It works on deep rooted beliefs and penetrates the core of ones being. This discipline in the past, in the East, has been known as tavas. This is when your effort has ended and something more has to happen. The discipline is to enter that which is BEYOND you; that which is impossible by yourself. This is when the ultimate breakthroughs are expected.

Discipline Four - THE BUDDHA NATURE
In the ancient days, it was called Turiya, or the fourth. This is totally effortless. If the first three disciplines are perfected, the fourth happens on its own.

-ABOUT DHYAN VIMAL-- Master Dhyan Vimal (or DV as he is sometimes referred) is successful leader, businessman, husband and father. As well as these worldly qualities, he has a depth that surpasses normal understanding. Thousands have discovered that time spent with him or just encountering any of his teachings, have started a chain reaction that leads to transformation. DV will casually refer to this as ‘ Your life becoming right…’ For more information on his groundbreaking four disciples or his amazing ‘Friends to Mankind’ organization, please go to www.Dhyanvimal.com or contact one of his many friends or local representatives worldwide.



In your Sacred Work Video Series Download Package you will receive all of these high quality videos [seven hours in total plus bonuses listed below!]:::

The MythMaker This is an extremely important part in the puzzle of the sacred work. Delivered by Master Dhyan Vimal in his usual frank, honest and hard-hitting way, this talk is a crosspiece to all of his teachings. This deals with the way we all create our own personal worlds.live in them.and then become ensnared and enslaved by them. The tragedy is that they come with their own camouflage and even being able to step back and discover our own Pandora's box of illusion is our greatest challenge. This powerful discourse will reveal and illuminate firstly the unseen problem, then show a way out of the dilemma.

Quest to find Oneself This talk by Master Dhyan Vimal takes us on a journey to look at 'the wiring under the boards of our lives'. We go on an in-depth to look at ourselves as the seeker, and ask the question 'What is seeking and what is it seeking?' Many secrets and insights are encountered here, and this instalment of Dhyan Vimal's Sacred Work is a fascinating encounter with the way we question our meaning of life. The power of this discourse is the way it reveals the flaws in our seeking methods, and offers amazing ways to break through to a life of awe and mystery.

Beyond relief to living This essential piece of the Sacred work deals with the human affliction of not being whole. Master Dhyan Vimal carefully reveals the way our lives are not lived from a standpoint of completeness , but fragmentation. Our deep desire to find relief from this state leads us further into illusion.The real casualty in this process.is Truth. Once we realize we are not whole, the work may begin. Dhyan Vimal has designed discipline one of the sacred work to do this vital job.return us to wholeness. Once this is attained, effortless progress unfolds and our lives become 'right'. Every area becomes infused with this 'inner rightness' and we truly begin living, often for the very first time in our lives.

Awakening the inner Knowing In this unique 2 part lecture, as part of the Sacred Work series, Master Dhyan Vimal  reminds us of our innate inner intelligence. Cutting through our conditioning regarding stupidity and intelligence, he skilfully reminds us that we all already have everything we need to survive and prosper. In the second part, Dhyan Vimal brings our awareness to body intelligence, what it is and how to access it. He explains how it is not about learning but remembering or reclaiming our ability to tap into these vast forgotten resources.

Plus three more hours of life changing video presentations with Master Dhyan Vimal:

* From freedom to FREEDOM

* Celebrating your Humanity

* In search of the Original face

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nicole whitney [news for the soul]dhyan vimalCLICK HERE NOW TO LISTEN TO A RECENT RADIO INTERVIEW - NEWS FOR THE SOUL HOST NICOLE WHITNEY INTERVIEWS DHYAN VIMAL ABOUT THE SACRED WORK - Originally from Malaysia, speaker, teacher, author and master Dhyan Vimal recently re-located to Vancouver BC Canada to start up his Canadian branch of 'School of Mastery'. Today News for the Soul host Nicole Whitney asks Dhyan Vimal about The Sacred Work. UPDATE: Later this week we will make the ENTIRE Sacred Work series available on video thanks to Life Changing TV (the TV version of News for the Soul).... www.newsforthesoul.com

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Testimonials from fellow students of Master Dhyan Vimal


"It has been a wonderful and an unexplainable experience. The course is very much adapted to modern day life. I can see my unlimited capabilities now." -- Rakesh Venugopalan, Software Engineer, Mumbai

"Effortless, amazing lessons to learn." -- B.Gopalakrishnan, Salesman, Sito Network Sdn Bhd

"A wonderful mind and heart awakening. Has thought me to separate beliefs and personal truths from my inner self." -- Sharman Kristy s/o Michael - SS Innovations Sdn Bhd

"Excellent, in other words it is a discovery. I love it, enjoy. God Bless." -- N.Lal Muhunthan, Chief Consultant, MAA Assurance


"The power of the course lies in its simplicity; so that one is free to concentrate on what is really important-oneself. It has been 6 months since the course and my life has gone through a transformation. I feel more empowered and have taken an active part in the creation of new career opportunities that would not have been possible a year ago. In the next two months I will be leaving my old position and taking up a partnership in a regional consulting firm. I am definitely looking forward to a continuing life journey with Mastery." -- JP Lee, Brand Consultant, Firebrands Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd


"I really do not know how to explain my understanding or realization of Mastery in words. But one thing is for sure, I will learn and keep learning… because I have tasted and felt the greatest thing in the world." -- Sarita Loo, Purchasing Executive, Auric Chunyip Sdn Bhd


"There is no course in the world which is similar as Master Dhyan Vimal's course. He has summarized and bettered what he has mastered and teaches us to use it in the modern world with all the modern challenges." -- Y.M. Tengku Idris B. Tengku Zaid, Director, Black Horse Holdings Sdn Bhd


"II always remember Master's teaching that when I get myself right, everything else around me will be right." -- Gowri Saminathan, Lawyer

"I have learnt so much from this programme. The training provided has helped me and taught me the art to create what I want. I am constantly positive and with no thought of failure. I have applied it at my workplace and it has been fruitful. When I talk to others of this training, people see the excitement within me. I am to detach myself if I choose too. I feel I have so much power within me. In my job, I have to handle people of various ages and my positive attitude has created in others the same mentality. I strongly feel that there is so much more to learn and this is only the beginning and within me there is this burning desire to pass on this message of what I have learnt." -- RITA CHRISTINA BARATHARAJ

"They say that a journey of a life time starts with the first step. I thought that I must have taken about thousands of steps in this journey of my life. But Mastery has taught me that I have been going in rounds all this while. I have now taken the first step in my journey of life. This is the best 5 days of my life so far." -- RAGURAMAN RAMAN


"It is a wonderful course! The experience that I had during those 5 memorable days was mind blowing and a journey of self-discovery." -- RAJEN DORAIRAJ

"This programme I really learnt how to live my life totally. I have come to know more about myself and can fell moments of excitement which I never thought that I could feel before. I know how to become my own self-determiner." -- WONG WON SHERN

"The programme has changed my life for the better and for those around me. Thank you." -- CONNY ANAK MIKAI

"The Master Training has helped me to regain my self-confidence and build my self–esteem." -- LAW WEN WEZ

"I, Irutiamary Shanti have attended the Master Training Programme which was held on the 7th February 2007 to 11th February 2007. My experience after this programme is: Realisation of me blaming the other for all my failures wasn’t it. It was all my beliefs in me that I was operating from. Being a determiner, and I have determined certain positive changes at work and on the 18th day after the 11/02/07, I saw small positive changes at work for my convenience as what I wanted. To accept me as I am and to be harmonious with myself and share it. Thank you so much!!" -- IRUTHIAMARY SHANTI

"Things are very clear to me compared to before. Doing things which I want to do and happy about it. Practically living a joyous life. I believe this is it. Bravo!" -- SHIRLEY MARSH

"I found it to be very refreshing, simple yet profound and practical. Enlightening. Very real.
It helped me come to terms with this stranger I put up with. It is helping me reconcile with my existence. I have a better handle on putting the zing and passion back into my life. Am enjoying and savouring each moment." -- ANTONIO LOPEZ

"This programme is truly an awakening experience. The programme has made me realise that everything I want to achieve in life is not too difficult if I condition myself to be a determiner and exercise my ability to make a choice and take control of my life. I am very thankful and grateful to Master Dhyan Vimal for sharing this realisation with me." -- SHANE LOPEZ

"This programme has given me the confidence that every problem or challenge has a solution which I can decide to make it or solve it favouring me. " -- MALATHY MASILLAMANY

" Master Training helps me recover from a great relationship failure. I’ve learnt methods to stay focused and detached when emotions come in, of course, better capability in body workout. Thanks. " -- PUN BOON JUNN

"Well I can see tremendous changes in me after attending the 5 days course. It has helped me to know myself better than I thought I knew before. To understand the best of me that I couldn’t realise all this while. Helped me to make a wise choice for my education." -- MALARVILI

"Before attending the Master Training Programme, I would say I was a bit lost, meaning I was not sure where am I heading in life. Now, at least I have the idea to overcome the obstacles I am facing in my daily activities towards my success. I have realised that all the problems I am going through are because of my actions. I would like to thank all those who have encourage me to go through this excellent Master Training Programme. Thank you Master Dhyan Vimal" -- ARASANANDAN

"I have gained a lot of knowledge from the Master Training Programme. I realised that I was worried over things that I assumed that I should mind. Now, I am much happier because I do not worry over petty things like if my fish was sick, Shogan (my dog) does not eat or if my kids had lesser marks in their exam. Instead I learned and understood that all this can be corrected by taking proper measures. I learned to make myself happy and others happy by sharing some of my experience which I have gained in this programme. I learned to accept things the way it is and not the way I want it to be(especially my kids). And this has given me peace of mind. In business related matters, I was able to make a firm decision by which both parties that is the boss and the staff are happy.


By Peter Williams [website]

peter williams [shooting with soul]Master Dhyan Vimal arrived for the first time in the West in October 2007. I was fortunate to meet him and his family shortly thereafter. Immediately impressed by his presence and his words, I spent the last 6 months following him closely and documenting his lectures and impromptu talks. Master Dhyan Vimal commented that Vancouver was the perfect birthplace for the awakening of a new consciousness.

The School of Mastery was set up by Dhyan, and it appeared almost magically, with students showing up and embarking on the first of the 4 disciplines. To date many hundreds have listened to his talks , gathered around his fireplace at his home in British properties, or attended  his formal gatherings and lectures. Dhyan also met  Meches Kosis, a Red blanket Native American Elder, and I watched and filmed as different teachings and traditions merged seamlessly!

The body of work that was presented in the course of many venues and dates, is called the SACRED WORK. This series of 7 talks make up a powerful collection of knowledge that is profoundly unique, although it is amazingly open and simple in its delivery. Dhyan Vimal is a Master in word and action , and the SACRED WORK has a transformative quality to all who hear and see it. I personally have been moved by the work , and am proud to have filmed and edited it to a  form that is now available to all. I am sure that this collection of the SACRED WORK will be as profound for you who view it as it has been for me witnessing and recording it.


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Master Dhyan Vimal [School of Mastery], Peter Williams [Shooting with Soul & Life Changing TV] & Nicole Whitney [News for the Soul and Life Changing TV]


On special now - receive all 7 hours of The Sacred Work Film Series and many bonus gifts for only 67-!!


"'Enlightenment is not extraordinary, but in our
ordinariness, we may stumble upon the extraordinary,
and that too is not religious, but every human beings

Dhyan Vimal